Equine Massage Therapists in South Yorkshire

Equine massage therapists in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. If you do equine massage in South Yorkshire and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

Equine Massage Therapists in South Yorkshire - Free Listings

AJ Sports & Equine Therapy


Tel: 07834 875180

Email: amy@ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Web: www.ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Alison Willis

North Yorkshire

Tel: 07946 670932

Angela Moore

North Yorkshire

Tel: 07870 662110

Email: animalmctimoney@gmail.com

Web: www.animalmctimoney.co.uk

Ann White

South Yorkshire

Tel: 07904 861880

Email: whitey395@hotmail.com

Dawn Clow

West Yorkshire

Tel: 07766 631905

Email: dawnclow@horselistic.co.uk

Web: www.horselistic.co.uk

Donna Barker Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation


Donna Barker

Tel: 07739 416781

Email: donna@dbequinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.dbequinetherapy.co.uk

Ebor Equine Therapy

North Yorkshire

Tel: 07809 741244

Email: alex@eborequinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.eborequinetherapy.co.uk

EJ Equestrian


Emma Jablonski

Tel: 07800 905466

Email: emmajablonskiequestrian@gmail.com

Web: www.emmajablonskiequestrian.co.uk

Emma Barber


Emma Barber

Tel: 07815 935599

Email: info@emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk



Tel: 07702 321459

Email: equi_motion@aol.co.uk

Web: www.equi-motion.co.uk

Equine Massage Therapy Yorkshire

East Riding of Yorkshire

Farfall Farm Bungalow, Garton-on-the-Wolds, Driffield, YO25 9LR

Leann Van Hooser

Tel: 07897 973508

Email: leann@equinemassagetherapyyorkshire.co.uk

Web: www.equinemassagetherapyyorkshire.co.uk

Equine Therapy Solutions

North Yorkshire

YO30 2AN

Dee Landregan

Tel: 07429 487790

Email: info@equinetherapysolutions.co.uk

Web: www.equinetherapysolutions.co.uk

Equisio Ltd


Emma Truswell

Tel: 07982 923876

Email: emma@equisio.co.uk

Web: www.equisio.co.uk

Erika Green Equine


Autumn Cottage, Buxton Road, Chinley, High Peak, SK23 6DT

Tel: 07970 848416

Email: erikagreenequine@outlook.com

Web: www.erikagreenequine.com

Grange Equine Therapy

North Yorkshire

Serina Rolph

Tel: 07779 445474

Email: info@grange-equinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.grange-equinetherapy.co.uk

Holden Equine

North Yorkshire

Tel: 07940 108751

Email: info@holden-equine.co.uk

Web: www.holden-equine.co.uk

Horse and Rider Therapy


Heidi Wood

Tel: 07958 954150

Email: heidi@thetherapyroom.me.uk

Web: www.horseandridertherapy.co.uk



Briony Middleton

Tel: 07791 299950

Email: brionymidd@hotmail.com

JS Equine Therapy

North Yorkshire

Joanne Scurrah

Tel: 07980 745059

Email: joscurrah@hotmail.co.uk

Web: www.jsequinetherapy.co.uk

Jude Furniss Massage

West Yorkshire

Tel: 07527 983242

Email: info@judefurnissmassage.co.uk

Web: www.judefurnissmassage.co.uk

KB Equine Therapy

North Yorkshire

Kathy Boyer

Tel: 07964 493122

Email: kathy@kbequinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.kbequinetherapy.co.uk

Kirsty Bolton Equine Massage


88 Woodville Road, Overseal, Swadlincote, DE12 6LX

Kirsty Bolton

Tel: 07729 123158

Email: kirsty.bolton1@btopenworld.com

Web: www.kirstybequinemassage.co.uk

Knight Equine Therapy


Sarah Knight

Tel: 07961 496890

Email: knightequinetherapy@gmail.com

Web: www.knightequinetherapy.co.uk

KW Equine Therapy


Kirsty Wilson

Tel: 07813 704879

Email: kwequinetherapy@gmail.com

Web: www.k-w-equine-therapy.site123.me

Laura Simcock


Tel: 07596 231413

Email: equine-finesseuk@hotmail.co.uk